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WTS: CRESCENDO Opus 9.9 v2.0 (top of the line 3 ways speaker) 2nd lengkap dus. JOGJA

Kondisi Barang : Baru

Harga :

Lokasi Seller : Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Description :

misi bos.. mau jual speaker set masih terpasang di mobil, spek nya spt ini bos


Category: Speaker Set

Series: 3 ways speaker

Opus 9.9 is the utmost in Crescendo speaker lines. In this new version, the midrange is using our own designed motor system which is able to reproduce lots of usually missing musical details. A truly rewarding speaker for daily use or competition.


1. Tweeter: T3R

2. Midrange: MB-3N

3. Mid-woofer: MB-6

4. Passive crossover: X9.9 v2.0

Tweeter features:

1. 1 inch soft fabric dome with top class material for warm and detailed sound.

2. Two parts custom extruded low resonance aluminium housing for natural sounding highs with superior phase characteristic.

3. Chamber for wider frequency response.

4. Concave flange for soft feeling high and solid centre image.

5. Shiny polished finish for luxurious look.

6. Two curvy bars grill to minimize grill distortion and enhance its elegant expression.

7. Complimentary 10 centimeters Harmonic Harmony UP-OCC Silver for fine tuning of sound.

Midrange features:

1. Polypropylene cone for perfect balance between sound, appearance, and durability.

2. Inverted dust cap to strengthen cone structure and to avoid premature damage during usage.

3. Custom designed aluminium die cast chassis for clean and un-distorted sound.

4. 3 inch size for flexible installation in almost in any cars.

5. Top and bottom cut frame to reduce the distance to the tweeter for less phase errors.

6. Tiny neodymium magnet for ease of installation in almost any car. None as small as this one.

7. Multiple layers voice coil to improve transient and to limit the bandwidth of MB-3N so that it will function as a pure midrange driver, not a full range driver.

8. New patented motor system technology for linear magnetic flux and un-distorted sound.

9. Hexagon mesh grill with large opening for complete protection of the speaker with minimum grill distortion.

10. Elegant Crescendo logo.

Mid-woofer features:

1. Polypropylene cone for perfect balance between sound, appearance, and durability.

2. Aluminium die cast chassis for clean and un-distorted sound.

3. Advanced motor mechanism for high resolution sound with apparent texture.

4. Gold plated terminal for best connection.

5. 7 inch size for deep midbass and low bass.

Passive crossover features:

1. Only works for midrange and tweeter.

2. Designed in car with tweeter and midrange above the dashboard, while mid-woofer at door panel for optimum sound at the actual condition.

3. L-pad attenuation for less-colored sound and uniform attenuation level.

4. 3 positions switch to adjust tweeter level for ease of tuning.

5. No compromise on component quality.

6. All capacitors are branded: Jantzen Z-Standard Cap (Made in Denmark) and Jantzen Crosscap (Made in Denmark) for supreme sound quality throughout the spectrum.

7. All resistors are branded: Mills (Made in USA) and Ohmite Audio Gold (Made in USA) for supreme sound quality throughout the spectrum.

8. All inductors are air core with 18 gauge wire for open, detailed, and smooth sound.

Sound Characteristics:

1. Un-distorted sounds means reproduction of usually missing musical details.

2. Un-distorted sounds means we can hear louder without the feeling of aggression.

3. Natural and open high with lots of musical details.

4. Full bodied and natural midrange with lots of musical details.

5. High definition, deep, weighty midbass and low bass.

6. Open, detail, dynamic, and musical.

7. Realistic and spacious stereo image.

8. Focused and solid centre image.

9. Well balanced system for all kind of music from jazz to dance.


1. Passive crossover only works for midrange and tweeter.

2. Midrange and tweeter nominal impedance: 8 ohms.

3. Mid-woofer nominal impedance: 8 ohms.

4. Crossover point between midrange and tweeter: 3 kHz.

5. Frequency response +/- 3db at 30 degree off axis: 63 Hz � 20 kHz.

6. Power handling midrange and tweeter: 30 � 100 Watts (with High Pass Crossover at 250 Hz).

7. Power handling mid-woofer: 50 � 150 Watts (with High Pass Crossover at 63 Hz).


lengkap dus, passive x-over baru, belum pernah service

Harga : SOLD

Lokasi JOGJA prefered buyer JOGJA sekitarnya..

CP : 081807000301 / 0274-7000301

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